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How To help Animals In Ukraine

Donate to animal shelters in Ukraine directly - Instagram pages:










druginavsegda (website)

There are many more animal shelters in Ukraine, but I only list the ones that my friends and I are familiar with.

If you want to send your donation to a Ukrainian Bank Card in UAH the best way is to use Wise Transfer. And many shelters and organisations are using PayPal now, just check their IG pages for more info.

The other way to help is to subscribe to UAnimals Patreon here:
They are helping many animal shelters in Ukraine. You can also send them a one time donation - check their IG page: UAanimals.official

tobihelpua(IG) - brave volunteers that are risking their lives to rescue animals and distribute food for animals in very dangerous areas of Ukraine. You can send them a one time donation.

ZooPatrulUA(IG) - also rescues animals from locked apartments and dangerous hot spots, more info on their IG page.

Or donate to any large international organisation that is helping animals in Ukraine - IFAW is a good example.


The illustration below is FREE to use for anyone who wants to support animals in Ukraine or Ukrainian refugees, and use it for blog posts, articles etc. Just send an email to and let me know where you want to use it, and then I'll send you the original image without any text or copyright.

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