Welcome to my portfolio. It includes a combination of collaborations, commissioned work and personal projects. I hope you like it!

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3D Game Art


2D Game Art / UI

cat illustrations




👋 Hi, I'm Tanya. I'm a UK based freelance 2D / 3D game artist and Illustrator.

Originally from Ukraine, Eastern Europe, ...

What can I do?

Create a huge range of
2D assets for your game


Following the art style and technical constraints I create high quality assets such as:

• UI elements / game icons

• Game backgrounds

•  Props

• Promo art, marketing assets

• Concept art

• Character design


Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, Clip Studio.


Create high quality

3D art assets
: props and environments to elevate your gaming project


• Experienced with the following 3D modeling & sculpting packages - Maya, Zbrush

• Able to accurately create assets from concept art

• Experienced with PBR material pipeline / Substance Painter

• Experienced with subdivision modeling techniques, hi-res sculpting, baking textures, and material/shader setup in real-time render engine (Unity, Marmoset Toolbar)

• Experienced with ray tracing rendering software such as Arnold

•Basic knowledge of animation in Maya


Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter,
RizomUV, Marmoset Toolbar, 3DCoat, Unity (basic knowledge), Arnold


(I also own my own commercial licences for all the listed software)

Illustrations in my unique style for your book, website and any other relevant project


Other Skills:

Comic art

• Vector art
• Video editing

• Photography

• Traditional drawing 

• Fluent English


Published titles


One Finger Death Punch 2

Silver Dollar Games

My role: UI and background artist (freelance)
Duties: Creating in-game 2D assets, such as UI elements, background, game maps etc.

Screenshot at Feb 19 21-06-24.png

Broken Sword 5

Revolution Software

My role: Icon and background artist (full time freelancer)
Duties: developing game art for the game called Broken Sword 5, mostly icons and game backgrounds (painting)


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Based in Kingston upon Hull, UK

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