• Tanya Riarey

Imperfect Art & Creative Flow

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Today I want to share some of my thoughts about sketching, doodling and creating something that doesn't fit my portfolio and yet helps me to relax and get into creative flow. I’m constantly fighting that perfectionist inside me who only wants to create serious art and doesn’t want me to draw silly sketches. A few years ago, when I had only just started drawing sketches regularly, I thought it was such a waste of time. I've always enjoyed it, though, so I kept going. And now it's a big part of my morning routine. I usually draw 2-3 sketches each second day, based on random photos from the internet. The goal is to capture a unique personality from the photos, without thinking too much about anatomy or realistic proportions. There is no time to think, it needs to be drawn as quickly as possible. It's rather out of my comfort zone, as it's really hard to be satisfied with the final result. However, I noticed that sketching really helps me to get into a creative flow and stops me procrastinating with my serious, important projects. It's very easy to start sketching - all I need is to reach out to my sketchbook and markers, and start doodling. The result is not important, so I don't need to try too hard, just draw what I want and how I want. And after a while I feel like I'm ready to switch to my main work, and I'm into that flow when it's much easier to create. For me, sketching is a bridge between waking up and starting work, and I've noticed a big improvement in my character drawings as well. If you want to draw something cool, but don't know what or how, just start from a small silly sketch, and it'll come to you much more easily :)

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