Graphic Novel by Tanya Riarey & Tony Warriner


The Story

Judy was a happy seven-year-old when she visited France with her parents on their annual holiday. Everything was perfect that week! The weather was nice and sunny, the food was delicious and her parents were happy... But it took only a fraction of a second for this happiness to be shattered. In Paris, at the pizzeria, Judy and her parents were caught up in a terrorist attack. Judy survived, but her parents were not so lucky.

It is now fifteen years later, and Judy lives in New York. She’s never recovered from the events of that fateful day and suffers post-traumatic stress, chronic depression and sleep disorders. Nothing makes her happy any more - all she can think of is finding her parent’s killer. She’s never forgotten his face and ever since that tragic day she has been sketching his portrait - over and over, every day.


One day Max, her best friend, brings home a newspaper and shows her a photo he’s seen - it’s the killer. Without a second thought they decide to travel to Berlin to find him and bring him to justice. Little do they know of the web of lies that entangle Judy’s childhood memories...


Character Profiles

Sneak Preview

to be continued...

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