My clients communicate directly with me from the first inquiry to the final product.

I work with a small number of clients at a time so that I can give attention to each unique project! Please read the information below to fully understand my work process and requirements.

1. Please send me as much information as possible about your project, required artwork or 3d model.

  • The deliverables.

Whether it's 2D art or a 3D model please provide me with a detailed list of what files, formats and sizes you require for a final product. (For example: PSD file 2560x1440 pixels, separate layers for all the sprites that are listed in the description)

  • The deadline.

Please let me know your deadline.

  • The style and the level of the details. 

Please send me at least one visual examples (doesn't have to be from my portfolio, just any art / 3d model that resembles the final product you expect to receive from me)

  • The license agreement and NDA. 

Please let me know what license you require and whether you'd like me to sign an NDA or not.

Personal use license. Commissioned artwork or model can be used for non-commercial purposes only. I retain all copyrights over the commissioned artwork.

Non-exclusive commercial license. I retain all copyrights over the commissioned artwork. I'll assign the client the rights to use my work for any commercial purposes for an unlimited period of time. I might resell the commissioned art or model, or reuse some parts for my other non-exclusive commissions.

Exclusive commercial license. Exclusive rights commissions are commissions that give the client complete ownership of the artwork. I'll assign them the exclusive rights to use my work for any commercial purposes, for an unlimited period of time, and they'll own all copyrights over the commissioned artwork or model. This means that I will not generate any income from it, reuse or resell the commissioned artwork or model.

I reserve the right to use the commissioned artwork or model (with copyright of the client's company) in my portfolio and on my social media as an example of my work. I may wait until the release date, but no longer than two years after completing the work on the commission.

Work for hire with NDA. The client can hire me to work on their IP exclusively. They'll own all the copyright to any work or services that I provide to them, whether it's wholly my work, or a collaborate work with the client's team members. I will not use any of the commissioned artwork or models for any commercial purposes or show it in my portfolio, or social media, unless the client gives me their permission.

 2. Timing and quotes are discussed individually.  

Before starting, I'll sum up everything that we've discussed, and I will always provide the final quote before proceeding with the commission. If required, I will also draw a rough sketch to make sure I understand your requirements before you hire me.

3. Please read and agree to my Terms Of Service before hiring me.

Terms Of Service

Payment, Cancellation & Refund Policy:

  • I require 50 percent of the total agreed amount to be paid before work begins on the project. I accept payments through PayPal or a bank transfer.

  • Upon approval of the final detailed sketch I require the total agreed amount to be paid in full, then I'll start working on the final version.

  • I reserve the right to cancel and send you a full refund for the order at any time for any reason.

  • If you cancel your order before I start working on it, you can get a full refund. If you wish to cancel your order after I've started working on it, you may have a partial refund.



  • You get 2 rounds of changes on the detailed sketch included in the price.

  • If you wish for me to change something in the drawing you have previously approved, I will charge you a fee to change, based on my hourly rate.

  • I accept small adjustments for the final version, like colour changes etc. If you wish me to redraw or change any parts of the final art or model I will charge you a fee to change, based on my hourly rate.



  • If there are any misunderstandings, I'm always happy to discuss all possible issues and be as helpful as I can to provide the best solution.